Ask me anything (AMA)

Ask me anything (AMA)

Chico Rico will be providing AMAs about projects for the public. The AMAs will allow the community to ask anything they want to know about the project.

AMAs have proven itself to be an appealing way to market or connect with the public, this because of its personal nature. What is so different about AMAs and an interview? AMAs open the conversation up to the whole community, providing full covered information because of the varied and diverse questions and answers. This will create a unique experience for both the project and the audience.

Our AMAs will be conducted in the Chico Rico telegram channel. Our Telegram channel is a widely accessible channel, and during the AMAs the conversation can be opened with everyone within that channel. This creates a spotlight for the project discussed and sate people’s curiosity in the project, all because of the transparency and vision created by AMAs.

The team will be answering the public one by one, providing information about the project and creating a nice atmosphere during the AMAs.

Text AMA
Voice AMA
Video AMA


Chico Rico

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