Investing for the Future: Who is Chicorico?

About Chico Rico

Chico Rico is a relatively new digital marketing agency that will help your business earn more.
The main key to the success of a marketing company is to find an individual approach and create an individual advertising campaign for each business, product, or service.

Why Chico Rico?

To get customers, it’s imperative to be seen by the mass.
Every successful company is unique and needs contrasting digital marketing strategies. Book a meeting with us and we will help you find the correct strategy for your company.

How it works

To help your company grow, we want to understand your goals. With that, we can provide you with a complete road map towards achieving them.

Previous Projects


The Web3 Project

Game Of Dragons


Polka Classic

Passive Income

Omni Real Estate

Shibacca Inu

BUSD Planet






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Extra Services

Ask me anything (AMA)

Chico Rico will be providing AMAs about projects for the public. The AMAs will allow the community to ask anything they want to know about the project.

Twitter Mentions

People on Twitter are influential, receptive, and drive results like no other. So when you’re building your marketing plans, start with them. We’ve got some proven ways to help you be part of their worlds.


Worldwide we help cryptocurrency projects gain more leads and brand awareness by reassessing and improving their online presence.

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